— Shropgeek presents —

The Theory of (R)evolution

The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury — 28th September 2012

Shropshire's favourite web conference is back for its third year and this time we're making it the best ever.



A web conference in Shropshire

The Theory of ( R)Evolution is presented by Shropgeek, showcasing some of the most forward thinking ideas on the web today.

The history of the internet is one of evolution in technology and revolution in daily life. From its humble beginnings in 1957, through the dot-com crash of the 90′s and todays web of convenience: the best online ideas survive, the weak fail.

So, have a pint and join us for some of the fittest ideas in true Darwinian spirit in the birthplace of evolutionary thought, Shrewsbury.

Who should come?

Anyone is welcome, but you won’t want to miss it if:

  • You work in, or want to work in the web industry
  • You’re interested in the internet and social media
  • You want to meet other like-minded people

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